Providing Peer Support To Children And Adults Grieving A Loss From A Difficult Life Event
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About Us

Rainbow Kids is a nonprofit, community-based ecumenical group of Sheboygan County churches that have banded together to provide a peer support program for families who have experienced significant loss.

When a death, divorce, separation, or abandonment occurs, it deeply affects everyone in the family. Rainbow Kids provides peer support groups for ages four through adult led by trained volunteers who will guide participants through the grief process.

Rainbow Kids provides hope, and facilitates healing with:

bulletHelp in dealing with feelings
bulletHelp in developing coping skills
bulletThe support of trained, caring adult facilitators
bulletThe support of peers
bulletGuidance through the grief process, using journals, activities, games, and discussions
bulletA Christian, non-denominational curriculum

Rainbow Kids offers:

bulletFree services to children and adolescents, 4-18
bulletWeekly meetings for groups of 3-5 participants
bulletSeveral 14-week sessions each year
bullet Rainbows for Elementary School children
bullet Spectrum for High School youths
bullet Prism for Adults
bullet Silver Linings - 6-week session for families dealing with a loved one deployed in the military,   for families dealing with a terminal illness, or other emotional issues not covered by Rainbows, Spectrum, or Prism.



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